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HKI EIA Webinar Series 2022

The Hong Kong Institute of Environmental Impact Assessment (HKI EIA) invited FothergillTC to deliver a tailor-made seminar series of webinars to its members in 2022 across the following topics:

  • Proportionate EIA (21 June)

  • EIA & Climate Change (26 July)

  • Digital EIA (30 August)

  • EIA and the SDGs (11 October)


The series promotes the advancement of the knowledge and management of EIA and enable discussion and exchange on current and future practice.


21 June 2022

Proportionate EIA Webinar
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The webinar explored the challenges of disproportionate EIA practice, considered waht practitioners are seeking when they discuss the need for a proportionate EIA. It went on to set out positive steps that can be taken by individuals, in a specific EIA and at a system scale to deliver more effective practice.

26 July 2022

 Climate Change in EIA
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The webinar explored how climate change is being considered in EIA practice, the challenges this can present, and the approaches being applied to overcome such challenges. Considering EIA’s approach to assessing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), climate change adaptation and resilience.

Digital EIA.JPG

30 August 2022

This webinar explored how EIA practice is changing as it adopts the opportunities made available through new digital approaches and technologies, including cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence and virtual reality. 

11 October 2022

Click to access this webinar's 'homework' slides

This webinar provided a clear understanding of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and their relationship with real world project delivery. It also considered how to apply the SDGs locally and how to apply the goals, targets and indicators at project level and link to EIA practice.

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