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The Circular Economy & Impact Assessment

As experts in both Impact Assessment (IA) and the Circular Economy (CE) we have always been pushing to see how these two areas of sustainability practice link together. Having undertaken initial investigations we found little had been explored of the relationship between IA and CE. As such, rather than lay on our laurels and wait for someone else to act, we felt obliged to apply our expertise to explore this area further.


We successful bid for an IAIA (International Association for Impact Assessment) Innovation Grant to help support our exploration of the relationship between IA and CE. The outcomes of this work are made freely available below and on the IAIA's website, they include:

- A Primer on the Circular Economy and Impact Assessment

- An IAIA FasTips (2 side core advice guide) providing: An Introduction to the Circular Economy for Impact Assessment Professionals

- A link to the ~45min launch webinars on the Circular Economy Primer, which we delivered to IAIA members in February 2021

- A copy of our CE & IA research survey findings.


We are always looking for interesting projects to work on that enable us to apply our expertise across these two fields. So don't hesitate to contact us if your organisation is interested in either:

- undertaking an EIA / SEA / ESIA with a focus on identifying the impacts and implications for enabling the Circular Economy, 


- wants to apply impact assessment to understand whether its circular economy related plan / strategy / development project has unintended environmental or social consequences.

We look forward to hearing from you, if you have any questions about this subject, get in touch: 


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