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The State of Digital Impact Assessment Practice

As experts in Impact Assessment (IA) we are always keen to research and understand how practice is developing. Our ground breaking The State of Digital IA Practice report - co-published with the International Association for Impact Assessment - explores progress in the application of advances in digital technology and approaches across impact assessment (IA) practice up to  late 2021. It provides a global snapshot of the innovation, leadership and the application of digital solutions across the profession.

We successful bid for an IAIA (International Association for Impact Assessment) Innovation Grant to help ensure IA professionals can effectively understand, engage with and aid the appropriate take up of advances in digital technology, approaches and innovations within IA practice across the globe. The outcomes of this work are made freely available below and on the IAIA's website, they include:

- The State of Digital IA Practice report (Nov, 2021)

- A link to the launch webinar on the State of Digital IA Practice (60mins + 20min Q&A), delivered to IAIA members in December 2021

- A copy of our the launch webinar presentation.

Digital EIA in Nigeria

FothergillTC is working in partnership with Willend Associates Ltd to explore the progress and potential of digital approaches and tools to enhance the effectiveness of EIA in Nigeria, with a major report published in January 2024:


- Enabling Digital Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) in Nigeria (Jan, 2024)

Explore our IAIA Webinar Series:

You can access recordings from our Digital IA webinar series delivered via the IAIA, recordings linked below:

1. Exploring two examples of Digital EIA Platforms - Envigo and the i-report (Mar, 2022)

2. Western Australia's Progress with Digital EIA (Jul, 2022) 

3. MALENA the IFC's Artificial Intelligence aiding Impact Assessment practice (Nov, 2022)

4. Digitally enabled design and the IA process (Jul, 2023)

5. DREAMS: Digitalization of Environmental Assessment to promote sustainability (Sept, 2023)

6. Digital IA: Progress and Potential on Digital Impact Assessment in Nigeria (Jan, 2024)

7. Digitization for more effective EIA in Hong Kong - in planning ~June 2024 

We are always looking for interesting projects to work on that enable us to apply our expertise in IA. So don't hesitate to contact us if your organisation is interested in either:

- advising on digital approaches to undertaking EIA / SEA / ESIA, 

- training and capacity building related to IA legislation, process or effective practice.

We look forward to hearing from you, if you have any questions about this subject, get in touch: 


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